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RAIDAQ, Inc., a California corporation, is focused on research and development. RAIDAQ, Inc. has exclusive license to develop applications for the patent-pending Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents (RAIDA) technology, a quantum-safe, self-healing, simple, fast and reliable global system for counterfeit detection. RAIDAQ, Inc. aims to develop new applications for that technology. Potential applications include:

  1. Secure Email (Shred and disperse email contents so email cannot be hacked)
  2. Private Marketplaces ( Would allow stocks or other assets to be exchanged quickly and anonymously)
  3. Private Escrow Service ( Allows assets to be transferred so long as the seller is trusted)
  4. Baseball card / Art authentication services
  5. Pharmaceutical Counterfeit Prevention (Stickers on the sides of the containers)
  6. Control of medication
  7. Private Chat (CloudCoins sent, Chat received)
  8. Private Social (Facebook like)
  9. Private video (YouTube like)
  10. Private document storage (secure storage/sharing/use of documents)
  11. Public permanent document storage
  12. Weight loss Programs
  13. Reduction of Risk of illness (Primary Prevention)
  14. Global Inventory Control
  15. Permanent Private Records
  16. Medical Records
  17. Tickets and Billing
  18. Reservation Systems
  19. Economization of internal operations
  20. Marketing technologies (Increased Email Open rates)
  21. Sales and promotional applications (using digital files such as jpgs)
  22. Industrial efficiency systems
  23. Digital signatures
  24. Authentications Systems
  25. Private Global Identification Systems
  26. Digital Rights Management
  27. Construction Management Economization
  28. Credit / Reputation Tracking
  29. Tracking the effectiveness of promotions
  30. Tracking the location of things (Logistics & transportation)
  31. Fault-Tolerant Artificial Intelligence
  32. Global Artificial Intelligence Systems (For faster Internet connections, disease tracking, market analysis)
  33. Identification of Optimal decisions (Decision Support)