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Metric Bitcoin's Blockchain CloudCoin's RAIDA
Definition A digital ledger in which transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly. A Redundant Array of Independents Detection Agents that is globally dispersed, self-healing, cloud-based and tests for the authentication of CloudCoins and does not track transactions.
Transaction Time Blockchain process takes 15 minutes or more to make changes to the Blockchain. RAIDA process takes less than 2 seconds to authenticate a CloudCoin.
What is authenticated Users' 32 byte private keys CloudCoins use 400 bytes of unguessable authenticity numbers (like DNA) that change with every owner.
Size The Blockchain is 100GB as of 1/16/2017. Grows as transactions are added. Expected to grow too large for most hard drives within a few years... and keep growing. Fixed size 500MB per RAIDA Cloud. Never grows or shrinks.
Account Holders People are authenticated. People have accounts and may have many accounts. CloudCoins themselves. CloudCoins have accounts and people trade ownership of these CloudCoin accounts.
Number of Accounts Number grows as people create accounts. So to does the size of the Blockchain. Number of accounts fixed at 16,777,216 ( a 24 bit number)
Transaction Method Each person has one or more accounts and each account changes values. People exchange account ownership and each account (CloudCoin) is worth a fixed amount. Denominations are 1s, 5s,25s, 100s and 250s.
Fault Tolerance The Blockchain is protected from hacking by encryption. Quantum computers run by governments most likely can already crack the Blockchain's encryption. The CloudCoins hold the information themselves. Authentication data is spread out (Stripped or shredded) across 25 Clouds per network globally in different jurisdictions.
Transaction Method Requires Bitcoin Miners to crack codes faster then then next computer. 25 random guids are sent from the CloudCoin to the RAIDA in parallely.
Account Expiration Accounts never expire and this means money can be lost forever. Accounts (CloudCoins) expire after two years if not authenticated. This means that lost money can be recovered by the owner.
Time to setup an account Account Required 3 to 4 days to . see sync No account required. All CloudCoins already have accounts. This allows instance use.
Public Ledger of all transactions Uses Public Ledger that is available to the entire world including the KGB, CIA, China etc. There is no public ledger or centralized database. See: What is the RAIDA? (Unique to CloudCoin)
Hackable Hundreds of Million already lost. See Theft And Mayhem In The Bitcoin World Hacked RAIDA servers can be fixed by CloudCoin owners (Unique to CloudCoin)
Infrastructure Funding Bitcoin is funded primarily by Bitcoin miners who allow their servers to be used publicly. Anyone can be Bitcoin Miner (Counterfeiter). CloudCoin authentication by RAIDA Administrators is funded with CloudCoins that have been completely lost or abandoned and recovered by the CloudCoin Consortium. RAIDA Administrators must be Certified by the CloudCoin Consortium (Unique to CloudCoin)
Infrastructure Costs Huge computers requiring huge amounts of electricty are required. A lot of small clouds are required. The RAIDA infrastructure is very inexpensive.
Conclusion Blockchain uses technologies that are not practical in the future. Try it yourself but be ready to spend days downloading software and creating accounts. The RAIDA does everything that the Blockchain does, only much faster and more reliable. Try it yourself. Spend $5.00 and see what it is like. Learn more about the RAIDA.