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What is CloudCoin Consortium

What do we do?

We detect counterfeits.

How do we pay for our operations?

We recover lost coins.

What is CloudCoin?

The best currency ever created in human history.

Who are we?

We are the best System Administrators from around the world.

Why is CloudCoin the best?

It is the fastest, most anonymous, most un-counterfeit-able, most undestroyable, most transportable currency in the history of Humankind.

How can I join?

See the CloudCoin Consortium Membership page.

What is a Monetary System?

An information System.

What is money?


What processes this money/data?

The Human mind.

What is good money?

Money with Physical and Logical Integrity.

What does Physical and Logical Integrity mean?

We are creating videos to explain it.

How does it compare to Bitcoin?

CloudCoin dominates Bitcoin in every way.

CloudCoin Consortium Membership

Membership in the CloudCoin Consortium allows you to have a say in the direction and future of CloudCoins.

Non-Voting Members

Membership Requirements for Non-Voting Members

Becoming a Non-Voting member is easy and allows you to have all the benefits of membership including inside newsletters, attending meetings and conferences designed for members and the opportunity of becoming a Voting Member.

To apply for Non-Voting membership you must:

  1. Open a free encrypted email account at
  2. Purchase or earn some CloudCoins to show that you are part of the community.
  3. Gather your contact information along with a statement of interest and a declaration that you will not use CloudCoins for the purpose of activity considered as unpreferable such as rape, slavery, murder, theft, child abuse, pedophilia, suppression of natural rights, etc.
  4. Submit an application to along with a donation of Authentic CloudCoins. Please specify that you are seeking "Non-Voting" Membership.
  5. After you become a Non-Voting Member, you will need to re-register every year by mailing a donation of authentic CloudCoins to

Voting Members

Register in 2017 and become a Founding Member. Founding members get to determine their own poll tax and get to decide what the poll tax will be in the future. Later, registration as a Voting Member may have additional requirements including waiting for five years as a Non-Voting Member! Become a Voting Member now and be part of history!

Voting members get to participate in the election of representatives who govern CloudCoin and elect its President. Voting Members can run for office and get elected as representatives.

Advisory elections are scheduled for December 2019 and full elections on December 2021.

To apply for Voting membership you must:

  1. First be a Non-Voting Member
    Send scans or pictures of the following documents: (Note that you can obscure or cover-up any information that is irrelevant)
  2. Submit proof that you are married.
  3. Submit proof that you own Property (land or house)
  4. Submit proof that you have had a child or children
  5. A criminal Background Check on Yourself for the place that you live showing that you have not committed crimes that have victims.
  6. Submit proof that you subscribe to medical service, medical insurance or medical savings.
  7. Submit proof that you have a retirement savings.
  8. Submit proof that you contribute or have contributed to you children's education.
  9. Submit proof that you have garbage service or sewer service.
  10. Submit proof that you have security service or own weapons for self-defense.
  11. Submit proof that you are not on welfare or dependent on someone else's income (spouses excluded).
  12. Create a statement that expresses your support for Libertarian thinking and opposition to Communism and Socialism.
  13. Declare the Primary Language that you speak.
  14. Send all these to requesting "Voting Membership" and include a poll tax / donation of Authentic CloudCoins. Only tax payers are allowed to vote!
  15. After submission you will be given a test on the principles of philosophy. The test will cover the subject matter of three works: John Locke (Two Treatises of Government), Stephan Molynuex (Universally Preferable Behavior) and Chaffee ( The Philosopher's Way). You may take this test more than once.

History of the CloudCoin Consortium

The CloudCoin Consortium was created in October 2016 by its founding member Sean Worthington. June of 2016, Mr. Worthington was sitting in his bath listening to the Stephan Molynuex Philosophy program when he realized that monetary systems are physical implementations of information systems and that money is data. If the principles of good data could be applied to money then a perfect monetary system could be created. Worthington was working on a PhD (Computer Information Systems) dissertation on artificial intelligent object recognition system that could recognize money for vending machines. The system used Worthington's "Magic Neuron" design that required many computes to act like neurons. The data store could be taught and memorize the notes. He understood that he could create a brain in the cloud that could identify millions of individual notes and even be taught to recognize changes.

In August 2016, Worthington minted 16,777,216 CloudCoin notes and registered them with the RAIDA - then in experimental development.

After filing a provisional patent he set out to create the RAIDA. The provisional patent was granted (#62354022). Because monetary systems are information systems, Worthington first needed to recruited world-class Systems Administrators throughout the world. This has been completed and System Administrators and Programmers joined the Consortium from countries including Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, India, Serbia, Russia, Germany, UK, Macedonia, Venezuela, Columbia, USA, Italy and many more. The proof of concept tests conducted in January 2017 showed conclusively that the CloudCoin Concept works in practice as in theory. The RAIDA was now a permanent data store.

Unfortunately, one of the RAIDA Administrators was found dead at his computer during the proof of concept test. This caused the loss of RAIDA data. However, the system self-repaired just as predicted.

The CloudCoin Consortium's Constitution is still in development but was begun in order to create a system of governance that would last hundreds of years. The Constitution draws on a modern approach to John Locke's philosophies and the Constitution of the United States of America.

The next phase is to develop client software for all platforms. This is hoped to be done by the end of May 2017.

The last phase is to create a decentralized digital exchange and escrow service so that everyone can buy and sell CloudCoins without crazy exchange accounts.

On March 15 2017, sales of CloudCoins began at the price of $.01. A second site selling CloudCoins in India was setup a few weeks later.