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June of 2016 - Sean Worthington was sitting in his bath listening to the Stephan Molynuex Philosophy program when he realized that monetary systems are physical implementations of information systems and that money is data. If the principles of good data could be applied to money then a perfect monetary system could be created. Worthington was working on a PhD (Computer Information Systems) dissertation on artificial intelligent object recognition system that could recognize money from images. The system used Worthington's "Magic Neuron" design that required many data structures to act like neurons. The data store could be taught and memorize the notes. He understood that he could create a brain in the cloud that could identify millions of individual notes and even be taught to recognize changes.

June 11, 2016 - Posted a video on Facebook, LinkedIn and about his new theory of money.

June 11 2016 - Emailed PhD Economist Robert Murphy to ask about idea that monetary systems are Information systems and money is data. He seemed to think it was legit.

6/24/2016 - Got a patent Pending

6/28/2016 - Bought Patent Search Service

Created PieMoney (The original name of CloudCoin).

7/2/2016 - Tested first prototype with Tara, Vica and Sam Worthington.

7/3/2016 - Decided to use Random.js in client

Decided to use base 32 implementation

July 4th.2016 - Made art for bills. Money would show prehistoric animals: Mammoths, Bison, Raindeer, Boar, Rabbit. Make file name format:

Got files to load in browser.

July 5th - Decided that the RAIDA would need 6 servers. Found way to save three servers. (Would later change mind).

7/6/2016 - Thought about encrypting data into the database from the web server. Would make the db 10 times bigger. So I decided against it. Added a “last time checked” field to the db to allows us to know when it was checked and block it. Will block $250 for 10 minutes. $100 for 5, and so on. (The blocking would later be removed).

7/11/2016 - Today I switched almost eveyrthing to Linux and Apachee. Still need to work out the details.

New design: 5 servers with 5 mirrors. Five or more webservers. Probably need 10. Need 10 datbases. Unless I can figure out how to mirror them.

Switched from PieMoney to CakeCash at families advice.

RULES FOR VENDORS: Do not allow Chrome to store passworeds.

7/12/2016 - I got the result for the patent search. There are many systems. Some are similar to mine. However, I think mine is unique enough to be different. The biggest difference is that my system does not require “ownership information.” Also mine changes every time protecting against counterfeiting.

7/13/2016 - Started making flowcharts of pages, created messages, ,and developed ideas of Mirror Send pages and how to get servers to talk to each other through Curl.

7/15/2016 - Today I got awoken by the fact that it is difficult to have a client contact many servers. Firewalls will block it. So I decided to allow the web server to do this. This means that people will need to trust their web servers. Also, I decided to go back to Microsoft for security reasons. I created the usp_detect stored procedure and now things are in the database in binary form.

7/16/2016 - Got Microsoft Servers working. Now need to clone them and get the client to use them all.

I will get things working and then do a go fund me. After go fund me I will Then start creating the real system. Need to do some real hosting.

7/20/2016 - Got first client (detect.html) up and going.

7/30/2016 - Now the system is called HIDRA and has 25 servers in a 5 x 5 matrix. Core 9 hold data and there is a ring of parity with each corner having a mirror. System still needs to fix parity and mirrors Expect to do this soon. But so far the system seems to be working pretty well. I will need to make some friends around the world to make this work.

Moved linux stuff to the server ( desktop folder. Need to setup servers for mirror and parity checks.

Pretty much finished the server side send-mirror. Got it encrypting. The receiving end is also well underway. I want to change the database access to PDO so that it can be used on Microsoft and Linux without modification.

7/30/2016 - Got back end of Mirror and Parity done! Yea! Now need to get front end working with mirror and parity.

7/31/2016 - Too complicated to work on the front end Mirror and parity without 25 virtual machines. But, made it so the Pans are always the same so money is alwasy good. This will help in testing.

Began creating the mint. Can write on an image and can write comments programmatically.

8/6/2016 - Started looking at hosting. What a bitch. How can I get it so that each person is a host? Thinking.

8/14/2016 - Got all twenty five servers up and going Took 3 days. Now I can test the whole system. Got the front end of mirroring done. Realize that I don’t really need RAID. What I need is the authority of servers to override each other. May add 25 ans to money. Tried to use SVG. Found that it was prone to javascript injections. Created some money using C# but it puts the comments in wrong. Need to re-create it so that the comments go in differently. Need to write binary instead of doing it object oriented

In August 2016, Worthington minted 16,777,216 CloudCoin notes and registered them with the RAIDA - then in experimental development.

I got the public key system working and now I an use public keys.Every server will trust the one in front and one in back and the ones five in front and five in back.

9/24/2016 - CloudFlare up and going. Ready to submit the full patent on Monday.

10/20/2016 - Changed the name from HIDRA to RAIDA. RAIDA is not as threating. Started contacting System Admin around the world.

10/26/2016 - Getting ready to deploy first RAIDA over


9/21/2017 - CloudCoin Founders runs on Mac and Linux. Investors Edition runs on Windows 10 and Windows 7.

General Notes: The CloudCoin Consortium was created in October 2016 by its founding member Sean Worthington.

After filing a provisional patent he set out to create the RAIDA. The provisional patent was granted (#62354022). Because monetary systems are information systems, Worthington first needed to recruited world-class Systems Administrators throughout the world. This has been completed and System Administrators and Programmers joined the Consortium from countries including Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, India, Serbia, Russia, Germany, UK, Macedonia, Venezuela, Columbia, USA, Italy and many more. The proof of concept tests conducted in January 2017 showed conclusively that the CloudCoin Concept works in practice as in theory. The RAIDA was now a permanent data store.

Unfortunately, one RAIDA Administrator died during the proof of concept test. This RAIDA Administrator - Nick Burgess - was found dead at his computer. His family did not make the cause of his death public.

This death caused the loss of RAIDA data. However, the system self-repaired just as predicted.

The CloudCoin Consortium's Constitution is still in development but was begun in order to create a system of governance that would last hundreds of years. The Constitution draws on a modern approach to John Locke's philosophies and the Constitution of the United States of America.

On March 15th a press release went out in Russia. Sean Worthington was testing a purchasing system and it was suddenly overwhelmed with orders.

The only client software that was available at that time was the Console application called Founder's Edition that was written so the Founders could manage their CloudCoins. The next phase is to develop client software for all platforms. This is hoped to be done by the end of May 2017.

The last phase is to create a decentralized digital exchange and escrow service so that everyone can buy and sell CloudCoins without crazy exchange accounts.

On March 15 2017, sales of CloudCoins began at the price of $.01. A second site selling CloudCoins in India was setup a few weeks later.