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Having a purpose makes life a lot better … How about: “Joining with us to create a free, safe and private, decentralized monetary system–one that is not controlled by any government, or some national or international banking cartel, who can co-opt, control, or steal, the fruits of a person’s labor.” In short, a free world economy.

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What is Cloudcoin?

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CloudCoin provides a theoretically "perfect" global currency which cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost. Your exchanges are 100% private, requiring no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption. CloudCoins form a monetary system that is absolutely fair and ethical and requires no special software or downloads. Like the Internet itself, CloudCoin cannot be brought down by governments, hackers or even nuclear weapons.

Each CloudCoin note consists of 3,200 bits of secret data that only the owner knows. These bits are written into jpg images or text files that can be stored on your computer and sent to your people by email, Skype, SMS, Facebook or even regular old paper mail.

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