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The response header is not encrypted. The client must remember what order the coins were and the server must keep the order of the coins the same when responding.

Response Header layout (12 bytes fixed)
Response Header Codes
Code Bytes Name Info
RI 1 RAIDA ID Integer 0 through 24.
SH 1 SHARD ID Integer 0 through 31.
SS 1 Status See status codes.
EX 1 Execution Time Micro Seconds Microseconds that it took to execute the query. Zero means less than one microsecond. 255 means more than 255 microseconds.
UD 2 UDP Frame Count This allows the client to know how to put the returned packets together in order.
EC 2 Client Echo Returns exact info that Client supplied in the Request Header.
HS 4 Hash of Challenge The first four bytes of the MD5 hash of the requester's challenge bytes.

Response Body Codes
Code Bytes Name Info
MT 4 Master Ticket Used to help fix fracked raida.
MS Varies Mixed Responses If there is a mixed response, you will need one MS for every eight coins being powned. These are examined on the binary level. Spose that nine coins were powned. There would need to be two bytes if a mixed reponse. Say that all coins failed except for the nith coin. The response would be 00000000 00000001. So the first byte shows the status of the first eight notes and the second byte shows the ninth with padding. Not that the first bit is on the right.
ME TA varies Meta Data This data is about the data that is being provided.
DA TA varies Data If their is data associated with the coin, this code tells if the data is all the same for all the coins of if each coin has unique data.

Response Status Codes
Description Decimal Code
Invalid cloud id 1
Raida is off line 2
Invalid UDP Frame count 15
Invalid packet length 16
Udp frame time out 17
Wrong Raida 18
Invalid Split Id 19
Shard not available 20
Validate - Ticket found 21
Validate - Ticket not found 22
Validate - Invalid Raida 23
Invalid Command 24
Coin Id not found 25
Coin limit exceded 26
Invalid encryption code 27
coin owner id not found 28
Pown - AN and PAN are Same 30
Len Of body Cant Div in coins 32
Invalid end of request 33
Empty request body 36
Validate - Ticket claimed earlier 37
Validate - Ticket claimed 38
Coin Number not found 39
Free ID: SN already in use 40
Free ID: Service Locked 41
Free ID: SN was not greater than 26K 42
Failed to Authenticate 64
Page not found 66
Break counter feit 70
Break coins not found 72
Break coins sum not match 74
Join counter feit 80
Join coins not found 82
Join coins Sum not match 84
Fix All Tickets Zero 90
RAIDA Agent: Pages Returned 100
RAIDA Agent: No Changes 101
RAIDA Agent: Primary Up 102
RAIDA Agent: Primary Down 104
Mirror: Message Received 105
Mirror: Report Returned 106
Mirror: Requested File does not exist 107
Show Statements: No Statements found 120
Identify coin found 192
identify coin not found 193
Find all none 208
Find all AN 209
Find all PA 210
Find mixed 211
Coin Converter: No Ticket 212
Coin Converter: Serial Numbers Returned 213
All PASS 241
All FAIL 242
MIX 243
Show Payment: GUID Not Found 244
Upgrade Coin: No Response from Legacy RAIDA 244
Coin Converter: No Ticket Found 245
Coin Converter:Time out 246
FAIL 251