Include CloudCoin in an ATM system

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There are four issues to consider. The generation of the QR code, the customer calling your web hook, verifying the CloudCoin payment and customize the receipt.

Providing a QR code for Cell Phones

Your ATM will need to generate a QR code so the customer can send you CloudCoins. The QR code will be a URL that any phone can use without installing any special software.

Sample URL that becomes a QR Code

Sample URL ( including an optional base64 message created by you ). This that becomes a QR Code

The QR code needs to contain the following Parameters:

  1. https. The Protocol. You must use https.
  2. The website. There is also a secondary website that is secret but can be switched over to if the is down.
  3. b4u The b4u web page. This page contains information about your Skywallet address, the customer's Skywallet address so it does not have to be included in the URL.
  4. cc The amount of CloudCoins that the user is to send. e.g. cc=400
  5. usd The amount of dollars the user is to get from the ATM. e.g. usd=60
  6. id The unique identifier generated by your system to identify the transaction. IMPORTANT: This id must by a guid without hyphens. id=7917cdf720c044049cc534a370130642
  7. b64 Optional information that the ATM may encoded in Base64. This will be passed on to your WebHook server.

Web Hook Page

You will need to have a web page that receives notice that your customer has send you CloudCoins and is waiting at the ATM.

Sample URL that your Web Hook receives

Sample URL that your Web Hook receives (including the optional base64 text )