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The basics


What are CloudCoins?

CloudCoins provide a theoretically "perfect” global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost. Your exchanges are 100% private, requiring no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption. CloudCoins form a monetary system that is absolutely fair and ethical and requires no special software or downloads, and, like the Internet itself, cannot be brought down by governments, hackers or even nuclear weapons.

CloudCoins consist of 3,200 bits of secret data that only the owner knows. These bits are written into jpg images or in text files that can be stored on your computer and sent to your people by email, Skype, SMS, Facebook or even by regular old paper mail.

How to use CloudCoins

When you want to buy something, you will share the secret numbers with the seller. Now you and the seller know the numbers. Anyone who has the numbers can change the numbers using the RAIDA. There are servers on the Internet that work with other servers to create fault-tolerant storage systems called Clouds. The RAIDA is made up of 25 Clouds located all around the world in different jurisdictions and run by independent RAIDA administrators.

What is the RAIDA

Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents. The RAIDA is a global counterfeit detection system that is indestructible and cannot be tampered with or hacked. Neither nuclear bombs, comet strikes, world wars, dictatorships or government hackers can bring down the RAIDA. Quantum safe, self-healing, simple, fast and reliable, the RAIDA can detect the authenticity of a CloudCoin within milliseconds.

How is the value of the coins determined?

The market cap should probably be based on how many coins are in circulation and not how many coins have been created. This is the more conservative approach.

How to store the cloudcoins safely?

You can leave the cloudcoin in Protonmail because it is encrypted and safe. Alternatively we can copy the cloudcoins to USB pendrives and one external HDD with copies of my CloudCoins for saferside and most important, I keep the USB pen drives in a hard box safely to avoid any damages, USB drives people tend to use roughly and loose it or damage it.

Using Cloudcoins

If I export from my FireFox browser, the exported CC essentially becomes unpowed CCs is this correct? So if correct, I would want to stores these exported unpowed CCs outside of my Mac on a encrypted USB or something like that, is this correct?

If they export, the are still powed by the owner. But it is easy to make a copy of them and get all mixed up.

Is using proton mail safe?

Protonmail encrypts its contents when you send it from person to person. If you send it to a person who does not have protonmail it defeats the purpose. Have a name on the account gives away who the user may be.

Backup feature on the webapp safe/backup coins, will this save and export stack files in a 'powned' state? Once backuped up, will the bank be "empty" I pressure so, otherwise there is double spending right?

The bank will not be empty. If you use your backup file then you will double spend.(or at least try to). Someone will get a counterfeit.

Export removes from bank and unpowns coins, but what does backup do?

Backup does the same thing only it does not take the coins out of the bank.

Can one export in 100s denomination if they only have 250 denomination?

Yes but not now. Later we will have CloudBank software that will allow your client software to automatically make change. This software is under development and the 100s have not been released yet.

Is there an iphone app yet? Otherwise where in Firefox cache (Mac) are the powned coins stored, do you know? Unless the backup option solves the issue of being able to store on a smaller device outside ones main computer.

Apple has blocked our iPhone app. We will probably have to sue them to get it on their device. The only option for iPhone users is WebSafe.

1$ was charged from my account. Did I receive a link to download the coin? What's wrong with your site? Can you Help me on this?

I am sorry about the problems you have had using our site. We will investigate. Please accept the attached 1,000 CloudCoins as our complements You are the first person who has had one dollar charged from their account and sorry for the problem.we will take action on it immediately.

Hello, after importing i received just 24750 cc instead of 50000.What is the problem?

This error happens when your internet connectivity is lost. This could be caused by a firewall. The CloudCoin will still be in your suspect folder. All you need to do is make sure you are connected to the Internet and then type import again.Please let me know if this solves the problem.Sorry about the confusion

I bought notes (which didn't work) for analysis and I heard that JPG files lose their quality with every saving - do you think it could cause the problem?

The coin you sent me is not corrupted but it is counterfeit. It could be that we have a bug in our server software that is sending the same CloudCoin to two different people. It is a mystery to me. All I can do is record what happened and see if it happens to anyone else. I am sorry this has happened and when using CloudCoins you always want to check it for authenticity before you accept it. We are strengthening all out effort to serve you with your problems in cloudcoin.

Hello, I bought a Cloudcoins want to ask! The coins will be widely used anywhere? or traded on stock exchanges? Is the price of them will grow without bidding?

We have approval from to exchange on their site and we are working on others. However, CloudCoins are much easier to exchange than other electronic currencies. We are a few weeks away from offering sales points. You just create an account with Stripe, upload the coins you want to sell at the price you like and see if anyone will buy them. We will allow you to link to our directory for free. We expect CloudCoins to be widely accepted in short time because they are so much better than cryptocurrencies.soon you will be happily benefits the good result of buying cloudcoin.

About Buying CloudCoins

Good afternoon. I bought cloudcoins from the iPad. I could not save the images, but I made a printscreen of banknote screens. Can I transfer them to a computer?

If you can see the serial numbers on the CloudCoins and send me the image, I will email you your CloudCoins. The jpeg files have numbers embedded in them so you will need the actual files.

I have ordered via iphone 7 and it don't allowed to download all and I closed it Please send me all coins for this order.Kindly need your Help?

Attached is all your Cloudcoins zipped together. If you have already downloaded some of these jpgs and imported them into bank software, please do not try to import them again as it will not work. Please let us know if you have any further questions

I bought 250x20 jpg coins. Where and how I can check total balance? I also have downloaded CloudCoinFoundation. How I can import the coins I bought?

Thank you very much for your purchase. Attached are your CloudCoins. There is a video the shows you how to import your CloudCoins assuming you are using Windows. The import part is half way through the video. Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.

Can i buy coins in jpeg and dont import?Only keep in pics?

Yes, but you must trust us that they are not counterfeit. Also, it is possible (but unlikely) that a hacker could gain access to our server and take ownership of your coins. We will probably delete your coins after a few weeks. But we like to keep them for some time just in case you lose them and need us to resend them. Also, you must spend or authenticate them within two years. Otherwise they will expire and be considered lost. Thanks for your purchase. Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.

Hi, I am trying to buy cloudcoins but every time I try to pay using my card or PayPal account , it fails .Is there a problem with the payment gateway?

I am sorry that PayPal is rejecting your card. There are two options. 1. When you go to buy with PayPal look for some small text below that says "Pay with Credit Card". PayPal likes to trick everyone into signing up for their service but usually there is a way around it. 2. You may also try to buy from Ajith in India. I don't think he uses PayPal so it may be easier for you. You can buy at: If one of these does not work, please let me know and I will see if there is another way.Thanks!

I still don't know how to "pown" the coins? Do I have to just change the codes in the json files? What import and export functions do in that cloudcoin foundation app? The youtube video is not very informational, it just shows how to execute these functions, but doesn't give any idea what they are doing. What is import? What is export? How do you pown coins?

Sorry for the confusion. We are working on a cartoon that explains the process. However, this video will not be ready for another month. We have some documents on this subject but they are highly technical and are used by programmers. I will try to explain. Inside your CloudCoins are 25 ANs (Authenticity Numbers). Now, you know the ANs because you have the file. But I know the ANs because I have the file too. (I sent the file to you). So you need to change these numbers so that I don't know them. But, you need to tell the RAIDA about the changes. You need some software that can send "Detection Requests" to the RAIDA. You can read the technical description here but it may be difficult to understand: First, your Software generates a random number too big to guess. Like 7294f1befa2316e49192e4abddbd35d2. This number is called the PAN (Proposed Authenticity Number). The software (like Foundation ) sends a request to each of the 25 RAIDA Clouds. The request says "I am CloudCoin SN (serial number) 16,677,999. My Authenticity Number is dd054097f94ba9c8d31b843f0b54e3a8and I want to change it to the PAN: 7294f1befa2316e49192e4abddbd35d2." Each RAIDA checks to see if the AN is correct for the SN. If it is, then it changes the AN to the PAN (Proposed Authenticity Number). Last, your software (Foundation) will get a "pass" or "fail" response from each RAIDA. If "pass" you will be told that the CloudCoin is authentic and the software will put your CloudCoin in your "Bank" folder. You will be the new owner because only you know all the numbers. Each RAIDA server only knows 1 of the 25 ANs. If the response is "fail" then the software will tell you the CloudCoin is counterfeit. Then the software will place it in the "Counterfeit" folder. This all happens in under 2 seconds. Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns. We are building the new website now and I will include this somewhere. Thank you!

About Selling CloudCoins

Why the coin for Russia costs on 10 % more dearly, than for India? and your colleague from India does not send me my coin for which I has paid.?

I will contact Ajith in India and let him know that you are waiting for an order. The price of CloudCoins change. We have a fixed amount of CloudCoins to sell. In India, he has not been very successful at selling his coins so he sells them for less. When he sells most of them he will probably raise his price. Thank you!

Is it possible to embed a label like that, Utm or other whatsoever to allow we could sell CC through you, but from your site and so that you could control the volume CC purchased through us (and for statistics, and also you wrote that 10% are returned to us :) I think in paypal there should be Like tool. Can faced?

Yes. I can add a custom code to the button and then you could put this on your webpage. Then I could know who made the purchase. Right now I have been struggling to make the system send out money automatically. It works fine when I send money to myself but it does not seem to work for anyone else. Next I will try to zip the files and send a link the zipped folder. Hopefully this works. Then I will add the tracking of vendor numbers. This way you can embed the sales in your page and collect the 10%. I will try to get this done in the next two days. It is a good idea!

By what principle of sales do cloudcoin work. In and Can I launch my resource, for example and get to the list (on the right when buying from your website with links?

Anyone can start a page and sell CloudCoins. The Consortium owns I own There is a that is owned by Gitinsky. There is a that is owned by a Russian but he is not part of the Consortium. The consortium has many independent RAIDA administrators who run the RAIDA. They each own 1% of the CloudCoins. The RAIDA Admins are good at system Administration but bad at marketing and sales. So I allow the RAIDA Admins to link to my website. This helps them sell their CloudCoins and pay for their operations. It also allows them to meet the people who use CloudCoins and be more committed. We will have an exchange sometime. Now I do not want to allow anyone but RAIDA admins to link to This may change in the future.

From the consortium in the letter wrote that the denominations of denomination 1,5,25,100 CC do not plan to sell a few years, This is true? Why? Do you plan that for several years the CC course will be at the level of several cents? I think it will be much higher?

We are selling the higher denominations first because they require the least server load. We expect the value to go up and we will be able to invest in better Cloud equipment and multiply our networks. CloudCoins are the best technology for digital currencies and we have every reason to believe that the price will skyrocket. Many of our RAIDA Admins refuse to sell now because they are certain the price will go much higher.

CloudCoin Software

How to use CloudCoin ScanSafe to Pay? How to use the Pay functionality

  1. Start the application
  2. Click on the Pay icon
  3. The "Enter your Safe Password" dialog will appear on the screen
  4. Enter your password into the "Password" field
  5. Click on the OK button
  6. The Pay "Enter Sum to Give Away" dialog will appear on the screen
  7. The dialog will display the current balance in the Safe
  8. Make your choice based on the availability of the CloudCoin type in your Safe, whether they are in a JSON (text format) or a JPEG (image) formats
  9. If desired, enter your comments into the "Short Note" field
  10. Enter the amount that you'd like to pay
  11. The "Select Denomination" dialog will appear on the screen
  12. Within the dialog, click on the line that contains the CloudCoin denomination amount nearest to the requested amount
  13. Click on the OK button
  14. A confirmation will appear on the screen informing you that the file with CloudCoins is saved in the Export folder
  15. To access the exported file on your PC, navigate to C:\Users\YourUser\Cloudcoin\Export folder
  16. Locate the file in the Export folder. If you exported a CloudCoin in the JSON format, it will have a .stack extension. If you exported a CloudCoin in the JPEG format, it will be located in the folder which starts with an underscore "_" with the current date as the name.
  17. If it is a JPEG, double-click on the "_currentdate" folder to access the CloudCoin file.
  18. Now, you can attach the file to an e-mail and send it on its way

How to verify the authenticity of a CloudCoin

  1. Start the application
  2. Click on the Scan icon
  3. Select a CloudCoin from the folder where it is located (it might be in the folder that you've downloaded the image file into)
  4. Double-click on the CloudCoin file
  5. The "Change Ownership?" dialog will appear on the screen
  6. Click on the No button
  7. The "CloudCoin Scan&Safe - CheckCoins" dialog will appear on the screen. The bar within the dialog will indicate the progress of the authentication.
  8. The dialog will also show the number of the scanned coins and the result of the scan. The dots on the World map will also show which servers are authenticating the coin - green for true, or authenticated, and red - for false. If the CloudCoin is authentic, the Authenticated column within the dialog will show a "Good" status and the Comments column will show a message stating "100% of keys are good". If the CloudCoin is not authentic, the Authenticated column within the dialog will show a "False" status and a "0% of keys are good" message in the Comments column.
  9. Click on the Close button to close the dialog.

There is a problem while starting CloudFoundation software: . How can you help me to fix it?

Foundation needs to contact the RAIDA. I think your connection to the RAIDA may be blocked. Do you have a firewall on your computer that blocks outgoing requests? Does your work Router block some internet traffic? Are you trying this from home or work? You may need to try the program on another computer on another network. Anyway, I am writing this as a bug that needs to be fixed. I am sorry your program crashed and I will try to fix it so that it does not happen again. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


how to connect your server to RAIDA,I understood correctly? So I can start my server, connect to Raid, and further develop for example applications of various kinds using the system? What else can I do by connecting my server to the system?

The instructions for RAIDA installation is not for everyone. To become a RAIDA Administrator they must be a world-class systems administrator who can document their credentials. They also have to be a good person morally. However, we are working on a new invention that will create a "facebook like" program that allows peopel to hide their data all around the world so that no one can get it except the one person who owns it. With this we will start allowing more server to be involved.

what it is necessary for me to make with three 3 coins which raida are fracked?And how to distinguish 3 fracked?

When you start Foundation, enter 5 (fix fracked). Then they were corrected, and all will be excellent (except for cases when at you it is disconnected RAIDA9 because it is disconnected). For 9 you it is necessary to wait up to tomorrow.

May I ask for a help my two noted coins it is not visible in raida? In line Perfect ___ 10 Fracked ___ 3???

I Have check you transaction It seems you bought 8 x 250 notes and then 4 more 250 notes. So you should have 12 notes. You have 10 that are perfect and 3 that are fracked. Fracked means that one of the 25 servers thinks your money is counterfeit. All you must do is fix fracked. Unless it is RAIDA 14. RAIDA14 is down right now but should be up in 20 minutes. please recheck it and inform me if its ok.

Importing and Exporting CLOUDCOIN process

I imported and exported only one program CloudCoin PB (Android). When I second time took the files from the export folder and inserted into the import folder, clicked to add the coins, they did not work. I did not do any unnecessary manipulation. There were coins where one heart was shown, tried fix, but nothing.

  1. All the ".stack" files (only them) are dropped into the folder "Fracked".
  2. Through the text editor we correct the last record.
    May be: "Fracked = fffffffffffffffffuuffffff" or any other location - the number of "f" and "u" (only 25 characters one for each server)
    Change to: "Fracked = pppppppppppppppppppppppppppp"
  3. Click "5. fix fracked" and the coins are added to the bank.
    If some of the first time did not hit the bank, and again found themselves in a fake:
    We throw files into the folder "Fracked"
    Change to:
    "Fracked = uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
    Click "5. fix fracked"
    Then repeat steps 2, 3.

I bought 52 coins (13000 CC). Imported these coins was all right, after export-import 2 coins were not working. After the second export-import attempt, all the coins proved to be faulty. All the coins were in the folder "Counterfeit". What should I do?

What program were you using? Foundation on Windows or Android Pocket Bank? What version number was the program? What version number was it? Sorry about the problem,BUT for sure we can be able to handle your problem just coordinate with us and please review the process of importing in our video clips in the website thanks.

Hello again buddy. I see you canaller the ordered l order for the $125.. I want to keep the order of the first $250.. Bit I have 13 counterfeit out of the 100, I bought.. How do fix the 13.. It does not show any in my bank

Here are 5,000 CloudCoins for your trouble that will cover the 13 notes that did not work. I am calling the software testing company and will have them test the Foundation so it works perfectly. Thanks!

===I was able to download and move the files you sent me to the import folder on the foundation and when I typed "import" I got an error window saying that the program "the foundation" has stopped working. I don't see anything in the import folder anymore, but that stack file you sent which I just cut and pasted into the import folder is now in the "imported" folder.All Coins are not showing in my Bank what will I Do on this?=== Just for clarification, you had sent a zip file which I extracted with .JPGs and those crashed the program when I went to import.The stack file was another purchase of 400 of the cc250s (100000 cloudcoins) I had just made and downloaded.